Hi guys. Been a long time, but i'm still rocking my Pixi. Actually it's a combination of 3 Pixis at this point, with a WiFi board from a VZW Pixi and a screen from another. It's good to have spare parts.

Anyway I still love my Pixi, but I am beginning to rely on it more for work stuff, and the lack of widgets is just killing me. I'm tempted to jump ship just to get widgets.

What I really need is something that will continuously display whichever appt. Is next on my calendar, regardless of how far in the future it is. This was something I had on my ancient Windows Mobile phone and is something that most other smartphones can do.

Has anyone found any sort of app or patch that will bring this functionality to the Pixi? I would really hate to abandon it just on this one software limitation, as hardware-wise it is the perfect phone, IMO. But I have already missed some appointments because I forgot they were approaching and I missed the notification. Unacceptable! This really is a serious matter for me so any suggestions are welcome.

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