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    hello, I'm fairly new to webos, having only owned a pixi+ for a week or so now, but am already fairly fluent in manipulating the platform to do what I want. I do, however have a few more complex questions. One of which would be if it's possible to bootstrap a toolchain to compile applications for ARM via the pixi itself (via root+term). For those of you who will ask why; I once upon a time owned a n800 and managed to compile Odamex onboard the device. Setting up a onboard toolchain would be easier for me than x-compiling for arm. I also have no pc at the moment. My second question would be dependent on the first, but if no to the first, has anyone attempted to try building doetz's pixi branch for vba/quake/etc (*only aware of a pixi branch for vba)?

    please spare the 'internals aren't strong enough' speech. If the n800 can do gb and quake 1&2, the pixi surely can.
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