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    I have an old Verizon Palm Pixi that I have been using wifi only with service cancelled for about a year. My son was playing with it and somehow managed to freeze it up and then it logged me out of my palm profile. It won't let me log back into my profile because there is no data service. Any way for me to easily log in without putting service back on the phone and without losing all the data currently on it?
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    Assume webOS, use devicetool.jar to unlock/turn on dev mode, if not already on, grab activation bypass patch, from the meta doctor application github web site, use webOS Quick Install, PreWare, or Internalz pro, to install patch. Once patch is installed, configure WiFi, then use impostah (from preware or webOS Quick Install), remove skipped first Palm Profile in accounts, then reset the palm profile, let it reboot, log in with WiFi...

    If on webOS 2.1.0 to get into devmode, use ##devmode# at emergency dial.

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