In my recent posts you can see that I have bought a new Palm Pixi Plus. I am currently using it for Wifi only. I have activated the phone with a friends T-mobile card. I also plan on using T-Mobile.

However after receiving an update,the phone noticed I didn't have a SIM card in the phone and restarted in an attempt to reconnect to my Palm Profile. Because I didn't have my SIM card in the phone, the phone endlessly would look for a data connection.

To counter this, I booted the phone into recovery mode and used the bypass activation tool. At first i thought this worked, but after getting passed the lock screen, I noticed all my apps were gone!! PreWare, Facebook, everything.

Nothing else disappeared though....All my pictures were still there, as well as my music.

I would like to know if my phone is now an "unactivated phone", as I plan to use the phone for actual usage on T-Mobile. NOTE: through the backup application I can get info on my Palm Profile, but i just want to be sure.

With regards, TheWeaver