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    I used webos doctor to fresh install onto my Pixi.

    I want to use my previous webos account.

    I'm out of data on my plan.

    I have wifi access, but since I'm not logged in to the phone, the wifi menu is not available.

    I have read that you need to have a carrier data connection to SET UP a palm profile.

    Do you also need to have one just to log in to your existing profile?

    When I try to log in to my profile, it says I "need to be connected to [my] wireless service provider".

    Is there some way around this?

    If not, I guess I'll be using the emergency dial feature for every call for the next month, and have no access beyond the "Palm Profile" page,
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    Search for bypassing activation. There was a tip on the homepage a wile back but basically, find that page, download the tool, and follow the instructions.

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