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    I'm using PALM PIXI PLUS mobile in India. Network provider is AIRTEL. I'm getting incomming sms. Not able to send SMS. I contacted Service provider and he provided MESSAGE CENTRE number for chennai. But I did not find the option in PALM device it is webos 1.4.5. Please help me out to update message centre number in order to send SMS.

    Thank in advance.
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    I've installed Advanced Configuration for System preferences.

    Now I got on option like Preferences & Accounts. in that I found SMS/MMS INFORMATION UNDER Account information. Ther I have below options.
    All are blank and gryed out. Not able to edit the fields. Values in this fields are just blilnking and going ogg.
    I think if values are brought up here or if possible if we can edit this fields the problem will be soled. I think may be SMSC is for SMS message centre number. Becuase of variable mismatch this is happening. If I install Advanced Configuration for Systme preferences(WORLD Version) these things are not comming at all. So I removed and installed this version.

    Please help me out to resolve this issue.

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    you need to edit database: CarrierNetworkSettings.db3 using sqlitebrowser tool.
    browse forums for detailed explanation.
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    Hi jagstv,

    Try the following thread:
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    hey friend even i am using airtel in chennai note that if u can receive sms then there should be no problem in sending sms too. just confirm me that when u open the message do u get "messages can no longer be sent or received in this conversation"
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    Hi thank you for the reply. I'm not getting any message like that. Are you able to send S
    MS from your PALM PIXI PLUS?
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    yes i am using pixi plus in chennai with airtel and i have never had problems sending messages. the problem i specified happens when u donot have palm profile active in ur phone.
    Do u have ur palm profile active in ur phone?
    can u make calls from ur phone?

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