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    The other day I changed my wallpaper which had a blue appearance. I decided to replace it & now the blue is permanently across the top of the screen where the clock etc is. Its just the menus that are blue ie the words & the quick launcher icons have now changed with the same blue. Even some app icons are now blue. Anyone know how to get the blue out. I have replaced the wallpaper twice & restarted the whole system including a separate luna restart. Thanks in advance.
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    Did you only replace your wallpaper, or did you actually install a Theme?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    Did you only replace your wallpaper, or did you actually install a Theme?
    Just the wallpaper. If it takes installing a theme what would be the default for the pixi plus.
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    Well, there is no theme that is 'default' for any device. The reason I asked is because sometimes people install a theme and change the look of the device, but don't uninstall it when they make other changes. You need to uninstall a theme to take it back to the default. Since you haven't installed a theme and only changed the wallpaper (through the photo's app I take it), I'm not sure why this would affect your menus (only themes would/should do that).

    If you have any patches for menus installed, I'd uninstall those and restart the device and see if that takes it back. Worse case scenario, you run save/restore and then doctor your device back to stock. Then reinstall your apps/patches and run save/restore again to restore your settings.
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    I looked at the apps list to see if I had installed a theme but I don't see any. I don't believe I installed 1 but I'm going to look at whats available. I might find something suitable.
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    I just loaded Preware & checked installed apps & there it was, something called Blue Remix Theme.....I don't even remember installing this. A special thanks to HelloNNNewman for pointing out the obvious.
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    Glad to be of help Happy you got it fixed!

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