My friend from US gifted me PALM PIXI PLUS. I'm using AIRTEL network. I've few question on PALM please help me out.

1. How to lock and unlock the phone. Right now I'm using switch on button to lock and unlock the phone. Is it right method are any other way is there like pressing '*' + Dialkey.?

2. I installed few games from preware and WEBOS Quick Install. But few of them are working and other not working. If I press the icon it comes up and it will be in processing mode. Few games which are not workin are SuperDog, Babel Anagrams MathQuiz Jr. All these I installed from catalog. Please let me know the solution.

3. AT&T navigator is there in phone. But when i clicked google maps it asked for update to hp maps and i installed bit still AT&T navigaotor not working. It is saying first month free and chargebale from second month. So I did not proceed further.When I'm using it in india how they will chargge in dollars. Can I use the AT&T navigator?

4.After going through some threads from this site I've installed google maps and it is working fine for some extent.

5. I tried installing NAVIT navigator but installation failed.

Can I use NAVIT in india? Because I did not find India in the country list. Is NAVIT is having VOICE functionality?
In my PALM PIXI PLUS preware there are below utilities 1. NAVIT - Car navigation system 2. NAVIT maps

Could you please tell me step by step method to install it my palm pixi if it works in india.

That will be a great help