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    I've got alot of SMS messages I'd like to delete but I can't find a solution to deleting them all at once. Is there a way to do this. Sorry if this is an elementary question. I don't see a way to do it. Thanks in advance.
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    There is a patch in preware that will add a menu option to let you delete all SMS conversations.. Its called 'Delete all conversations and texts'.

    You can also swipe en entire conversation at once from the conversation list.

    Just keep one thing in mind: be very patient regardless of which method you use. It is very slow to delete them all, but it will eventually delete them. I timed it once, monitoring progress by re-opening the conversation I swiped away (as it doesn't disappear until it is finished) and the rate per minute of deletion was laughable. It took hours to delete a couple thousand messages.. The patch simply iterates through the conversation list and uses the same method to delete them as swiping them away, just saves you the swiping.
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    Thanks So Much Matt.

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