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    My pixi touch screen is dead and I'm sending it in to be repaired. I'd like to write zeros to the internal drive to protect my private info. I remember there was a hot key combo for my treo650 to do this, but I forgot what it was and can't seem to find if the pixi also has this after google search. Anyone know of a way to write zeros to the drive?

    Also, can someone remind me what I can do with webos quick install. I have preware on my pixi, but the touch screen does not respond. Can I access any of the phones functionality with webos quickinstall or maybe run the new homebrew app backup program?


    edit: from what I understand, webOS 1.4 was supposed to have a secure erase function which writes over the internal drive. But my pixi at webOS does not seem to have this.

    edit edit: it seems after hitting the full erase, it then gives you the secure erase option. Now all i need is a hotkey for my broken phone........
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