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    I understand I can connect the USB to at least back up folders for a new phone but it's getting to the point where I'm absolutely helpless in any of this Preware stuff without a wifi signal. Am I seriously going to be able to do anything without a connection or should I just give up now? charging 35 bucks for a Verizon Pixi Plus---am I going to have to pay that money, wait out the delivery time and THEN take apart this phone in attempt to install that radio board?

    Getting more frustrating every day. I'm just gonna say screw it and go for it. If I get stopped thanks to lack of a connection than I get stopped. I saw somewhere here you can't brick the phone. Should I get that Doctor thingy before anything?
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    What are you trying to do exactly?....besides the back up.

    You NEED a signal (WiFi or network) for Preware, but you can use webOS Quick Install from your PC to install whatever it is you're trying to install, although I'd recommend just using Preware.
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    Quote Originally Posted by libradawg View Post
    Should I get that Doctor thingy before anything?
    Absolutely get the Doctor Thingy...

    And remember if something you install seems to make your phone buggy, try a complete reboot to smooth the install "settling in" and if it doesn't act right after that then uninstall and reboot again.

    Doctoring is a more strenuous cure, but like antibiotics you don't necessarily want to resort to it all the time.

    Is it that you don't have WiFi at home?

    I know it isn't optimal, but there is public WiFi all over the place these days. Next time you are at the local fast food joint check it out... You could remember to use the Backup App every time you stopped in and that would help.
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    Agree with sledge, we need a better idea of what you are trying to do. Sounds like you have a deactivated Sprint Pixi you are trying to get data off of.

    As sledge said, you can use webOS quick install to get Save/Restore installed, to save app data.
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