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    If I were to take the Sim card out of my dumbphone, and put it into an unactivated, unlocked smartphone,*would I be able to send SMS *text messages/call (due to the fact that I have a phone number on the sim card I put in the smartphone) and not be charged for a data plan.*

    This is all for AT&T
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    Reports vary... but it seems there is a strong chance AT&T will "discover" you have a smart phone and add data to your plan... Despite having the option to turn data use off on the phone.

    Having the phone unlocked will allow you to configure it to use voice and SMS with any SIM.

    However, you need some kind of data connection to establish a Palm Profile and actually access the phone's features - or you must bypass activation.

    It would help to understand what you want from the Pixi Plus...

    A standby phone?

    Just a "dumb phone" so far as carrier is concerned but with full data and smart phone options via WiFi?

    A smart phone for a young family member not ready for a data plan and accountability for limits?

    The cheapest option for an everyday phone?
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