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    Hello all,

    I know that there are patches that increase the length of the vibrate for "phone, messaging, and email", but I haven't had any success getting these to work with calendar notifications. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Ultimately, I am looking at 3 things to get the calendar system to work the way that I want it to:
    1) Longer vibrate for calendar notifications (e.g. 2 seconds)
    2) Snooze for user-selectable period of time (e.g. 5 minutes to 8 hours)
    3) Repeating reminders for calendar notifications (e.g. keep vibrating every minute until the reminder is snoozed or dismissed)

    Thus far, the only one of these that I have been able to get working is #2. Update: #3 working also. Now I am just looking for the longer vibrate for calendar notifications!

    Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


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