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    So my unlocked AT&T Palm Pixi Plus can't receive Multimedia Messages, I tried changing the settings as many websites show using the same parameters as an iPhone, but still the MMS won't show up.

    the parameters as shown in the iphone

    Is there anything I'm missing ? when a phone is not configured correctly to receive mms this receives a SMS saying to go to the carrier website so i can see the sms there, but I dont want that ofc, my old nokia 5000 can receive any mms without problems.
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    I'm not sure where you got the Tamano maximo de MMS 307200 from?

    I have a copy of the carrier database file off my Pre 2 on my laptop and just looked up Movilnet - they only have one entry (some carriers have 2 or more) and all your settings match that file except MMS max size...

    According to the carrierdb.json file I looked at you should have Tamano maximo de MMS set to 300. Hope that helps.
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    no luck also, when I try this it always says there is an error in the APN configuration I always ignore it and save. but I wrote everything ok, no typos.

    ok, I just tried the sim in the nokia that should receive the mms and I received the sms instead too, so i think it must be something not configured to that line, i'll have to test some things

    then I tried with a gsm chip that has the mms working on its phone but, when inserted in the pixi there is nothing, not even a sms saying I have a mms, why ? any ideas
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