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    I got my elderly mother a Palm Pixi Plus (Verizon). She was thrilled.

    Now for some reason, the unit will not power up.

    Unfortunately PDAGIANT is blowing us off on the 3 month warranty of the phone I got at NewEgg.
    They never replied to the RMA.

    Symptoms: WebOS doctor does not recognize it at all.

    No light on keyboard or screen when hitting the power up button.

    I have tried the usual 3 button reboots with the keyboard and the power-Ringer switch combo.

    Put a good battery in it, but nada boots. No little glowing of the gesture keyboard either....

    Suggestions? Time for a take apart? What to look for?

    She did not drop it or anything.
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    OK, I am posting this for other users in the dark.

    It seems some of these Pixi Pluses, have battery contact issues like their Pre counterparts.

    Cleaned the contacts and replaced the battery as usual but nada. Replaced. Replaced. NADA.

    However, if I jammed the battery hard in the case to the left, the Pixi plus sprang to life. Dropping or bonking it did not faze it and it still ran. I have shimmed it in with a business card.

    Any comments on more permanent surgical solutions (contacts/soldering) would be appreciated.


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