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    Is there a patch to be able to read webpages that fits on the screen without constantly having to to zoom in and out and scroll. I'd like the webpages to fit on my screen at a readable size, but if I zoom in, it cuts everything else off.
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    Turning your phone sideways works better than viewing vertically, of course. That said, if it's still too small, these are the best solutions I have found so far:

    1. There's this method for increasing the default font size for the browser, which involves uploading a patch to your phone via USB cable and desktop computer software. Very involved initially, and only works on some sites because other sites override the defaults with their own settings. But still useful if you want to take the time to do it.

    The second solution works great in instances where #1 does not work, but requires some work each time you want to view a site or article in a bigger font:

    2. Use Instapaper ( You will need to register there but it's painless and instantaneous; there's no email verification. Once you're registered there, you can add links to be read later. You'll then have a list of links at Each link has a link to the right of it, in a box, that says "Text". That is the text-only version of the link, as converted by Instapaper, which will be in a nice big font.

    Getting the link into Instapaper in the first place is a little tricky, but I think I've found a fairly quick way to do it. First, when you're at the web page that you want to add to Instapaper, you need a quick way to copy the URL. That's done like this:

    - Bring up the browser menu, click on Add Bookmark. Click on the URL in the box that pops up. It will be highlighed automatically. Put your finger on the touchstrip of your phone and leave it there. Press "c" on the keyboard to copy the URL. Release your finger.

    (The rest of these instructions assume that you are already logged into on your phone)

    Now you need to add the URL to Instapaper. Go to and paste the URL into the URL field in one of two ways:

    - put your finger on the touchstrip on your phone, press "v" on the keyboard, and release finger
    - open the browser's menu and choose Edit> Paste

    When adding a URL to Instapaper, a title is not required. Click on the Add button. You will then be taken directly to your reading list, from which you can read the "Text" version of your link immediately. Yay!



    I spent several hours looking at this problem for myself, and the above are the best solutions I have found so far. Other options that didn't work for me:

    - Competitors to Instapaper. Readability's site would not load on my phone. Read It Later works like the above, but doesn't format the text as nicely as Instapaper.

    - Bookmarklets to streamline the process of adding the URL to Instapaper. Bookmarklets don't work on my phone (a Pixi Plus).

    - Apps and other patches. Couldn't find any that did the above.The Relego app plus the "Send to Relego" patch looked useful, as Relogo is a Read It Later client, but there's no option to view the reformatted, bigger font version of your Read It Later links in Relogo. Neato! looks like it could be useful but it doesn't reformat the page for viewing on your device; rather, it sends the link to your computer.


    I'd be really interested to hear if anyone uses a similar process, or knows of an easier or alternate way to do this with similar results.

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