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    hi there. i think my pixi plus wants to trick me. when i am at home and connected to wifi all is good. i put the phone on the touchstone or not and the screen turns off, and when i turn it back on, it says, that its on 3g network. when i unlock the phone it connects to the wifi network right away. this seems to happen all the time when i "wake the phone", and i believe, that, when this is true, what the symbols are telling me, it causes unnessecery data usage, i only have 100mb free for that number and i dont want it to be wasted, when the phone is in my wifi reach.

    anyone happens to have the same issues? any clues that this is normal behaviour?

    thanks in advance
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    There is a selection under Wi-Fi preferences to have wi-fi stay on or go off when the phone sleeps. Having wi-fi sleep with the phone saves battery.
    There is also a selection under Phone preferences to have data turned on or off. Having data selected off (until you need it on), will prevent the phone from looking for a data connection when wi-fi is off (or unavailable).

    Hope that fixes your phone trickery.
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    thank you for the tip. i just looked into the wifi settings and unfortunatly it is set to active when sleeping. and i dont want to turn 3g on and off everytime i leave my home or come home. i thought that the wifi connection had an higher priority than the 3g so that it would allways want to be conected to the wifi when its available.
    its strange. has anybody the same issues? or is this even normal behaviour?

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