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    Hi, I have palm pixi plus since 2010 and I actually loved it. But I want to get rid of the theme I have now, but when I go to the webos quick install there isnt any option to get rid of the theme.

    Is it possible to do get rid of it and get back to the original one ? thanks for help
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    you should try to uninstall it from preware.
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    thanks but how do you do it?
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    anyone ?
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    Open up Preware
    Go to Installed Packages / Theme
    Select the theme and 'Remove'
    Restart device
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    I did but there are no theme section in the Installed Packages.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrkoziol View Post
    I did but there are no theme section in the Installed Packages.
    Are you sure you installed a theme? If you did, I would think you would see an item in the "Installed Packages" list that said "Themes" with a number (probably "1") to the right of it...If you look at "Available Packages" instead of "Installed Packages" you will see "Theme" listed near the bottom. On my Pre+, it indicates there are 13 themes. I don't have any installed though, so when i look at "Installed Packages", I too have no "Theme" line item.

    Is it possible you are just referring to the background photo you are using as your wallpaper? That is much easier to change and isn't really a 'theme'. Sorry if I misunderstood.
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    Also... make sure you have the PreThemer feed turned on in the Preware preferences (if that's where you installed it from).
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    iam sure its a theme as I have installed it like a year ago(screenshot attached). If I use a webos doctor to restore the whole system, do I have to activate my phone again ?
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    If you Doctor your phone, run the backup first, and ideally run save/restore also so you have all of your game levels and stuff that you can restore (otherwise you will lose all that data). You will only have to sign back into your webOS account after the doctor and it will restore your apps. Then you can re-add Preware and save/restore again to restore your game and app data.

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