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    I need to setup a palm profile, I have a Verizon(cdma) NO contract palm pixi plus I bought from newegg as just a phone I can toy around with. I do not have an account with verzion nor do I plan to get one, so, I used the devicetool.jar to skip the activation process. I now need to be able to create a palm profile and link it to the device, how can I go about that or am I unable to.

    Hope this phone is not that out dated and people still use this forum :P

    Other notes, webOs is pretty slick, I am an android fan boy til the end but I actually do enjoy the style and feature of webOs so far.
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    You need to install webOS Quick Install on your PC, then Preware on your Pixi.
    After that's installed you need to install Impostah (from Preware onto your Pixi). Then you should be able to set up an account.

    See this thread for instructions for webOS quick Install & Preware.

    and this one for Impostah.

    just found this thread
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    Cool it looks like everything worked, now it says I must login using the First Use app? where can I find that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    That's weird that it skipped the FirstUse app... Anyway, you can install the 'Show FirstUse App' patch from Preware. That patch will let you access the FirstUse app from the Launcher where you'll be able to sign in to your Palm Profile.

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