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    Hi ,

    I've downloaded a bunch of games which actually need webos 1.3.5 and my palm pixi plus mobile has webos, but still the games just don't start on my pixi plus mobile

    All these are great games like Brothers in Arms, Transformers, Tennis, Monopoly, Asphalt, but they just do not start, once i tap on the icon nothing happens, there is a lingering small flash of my tap on the game icon for a couple of seconds and then nothing opens or nothing happens,
    Can anyone suggest if overclocking the kernel will help me play these games?
    and what is the safest maximum overclocking range available for pixi plus mobile?

    Can i overclock my pixi + to 1000 Mhz?

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    Can you guys also let me know, some of the good pc games which can run on my palm pixi plus mobile. I've bought my mobile recently and am looking to load it with goodies which can really work.

    Thanks !
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    Overclocking won't fix that problem. You'll need to redownload your games through the App Catalog. If you can see it, you can play it.
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    Thanks Garrett , for the prompt response, but I've removed and installed the apps, even then they have the same problem . Just do not start, I've even re-booted my pixi plus over a dozen times, but some games still have the problem.

    I have assassins creed which runs smoothly, but not sure why the above games do not open
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    OP... where did you download the games from - the app catalog, or a website?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    OP... where did you download the games from - the app catalog, or a website?
    Definitely from a website.They would have worked otherwise.
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