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    Yesterday i put on some homebrew packages and patches.
    Packages: Agenda, Birthdays, Lsdiff, GNU Patch
    Patches: Add one minute intervall, history chat balloon color, Timestamps Builtin, Battery Percent and Icon.
    After I put those things on my pixi, it stopped blinking for notifications like missed calls, sms etc. So i deleted everything, restartet and the blinking for notifications was back.
    Has anyone an idea, which of those installed programms could cause this problem?
    It could save my the time to try out 1 program after another and test, if the blinking is still working.

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    Did you turn it off some how go to screen and lock and scroll down to blind notifications.
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    Nope I double checked it -even removed the battery and restarted. Both notifications are on and still not blinking.
    Guess I have to deinstall everything and then try out which program caused this issue.
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    Or is there some kind of homebrew program that i can edit the notification settings?

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