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    I just got the pixi plus and hadn't been using it much, mostly just in stand by mode. It is strange that in 5 hours the battery percentage dropped from 76% down to 53%? Occurred while in standby mode.

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    if it's on standby, it will be impacted by how many accounts (like email, facebook, etc) you are checking, and how often. The 3g radio really hammers the battery. If you turn off the 3g radio, that helps.

    also, did you buy it used? Phone batteries only last about a year, so it might be time to hit up amazon for a couple of new ones. They are super cheap now.
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    Thanks for the reply. I set the email to check every 1hour after the first 2 hours and also set data usage to "off". What is this 3g radio setting? I bought it new from amazon, however it did not come in att case though. Im on T-mobile service also.

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