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    I'm just bought a bran new pixi plus (Sfr) .Founding this problem.

    When I plug in USB cable, changing USB mode for transfer files: mp3,mp4...
    it suddenly goes out,
    I'm trying different USB port in my pc ;also Turn on Airplane mode,shutdown all running apps but no luck.

    Anyone have idea what's the problem?

    if that Pixi's hardware problem I need to return it now.

    BTW Pixi plus is a good platform with full keyboard.
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    Have you tried restarting novacom on yur pc?
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    nope, because I'm using veer b4, it works fine,
    so I'm just plug in my pixi plus into my pc.
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    Try a different computer, if you get the same results that could (potentially) rule out any issues with desktop software/drivers.
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    Just try diff. pc, still happen..

    I'm just exchange another new machine,it works fine now..
    Thank you guys..

    I'm new for pixi plus, anyone can tell me how to fresh rom?
    My machine is SFR version GSM,keyboard of couse azert platform, I wanna flash Eng. keyboard rom ,any idea?

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