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    I just ordered a Sprint Pixi from a Top rated eBay seller. I was thinking about getting the Pixi Touchstone back cover until I read some reviews about the magnets falling out of the Touchstone back covers made by Palm. Anyone had this problem with their Pixi Touchstone back covers?
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    I say go ahead and get one if you have the chance. Its worth it and its few and far in between for the ones that are questionable build quility. Plus they are easy fix IF it happens a magnet comes loose! Youll be glad to have the touchstone.
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    that's bs, they only come out if you pull the sticker out holding it on. Between the family's Pixi line up we have had 7 touchstone backs between us I believe. You won't regret it. The touchstone is fantastic.
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    Get the touchstone and back. You won't have any problems and you won't regret it.

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