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    Hey guys I need to get a phone for my wife and she likes WebOS more than Apple or Android but I just need a bit of help.

    I plan to order either a Pixi Plus or Hp Veer, she will mostly use it for calls and light web, however a important thing for her is the ability to upload pictures to Facebook directly from the phone. Since I know little of the app market for WebOS other than it is somewhat limited in comparison to the other two I just thought I'd ask.

    I also want to use the device as prepaid. Would it be easier to go with AT&T or just get a H2O SIM card?


    -Best battery?

    -Facebook ease of use?

    -Overall best phone?

    -AT&T or H2O?

    Pixi Plus or HP Veer?

    Also, would it be easier to get a CDMA phone and try PaigePlus (seems complex to me) or would the H2O Sim card ($10) at Best Buy be easiest?
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    The Pixi+ is a bit more underpowered, has a less capable camera, does not slide, features an easily replaceable battery, is stuck on an older webOS version, without hacking.
    There is an unlocked Veer (idk about the Pixi+, although theres a GSM ATT model)

    Facebook is the same on both, pretty much, although needs the always-on HTTPS disabled (found in settings in the FB site) for photos to appear.

    Veer would be the best here, unless a candybar form factor + accessible battery are musts.
    The Veer also has a proprietary magnetic connector, the 3.5 mm headphone jack isnt built-in.

    As for battery life, i have no clue. sorry
    i'm also not familiar with carriers, although i know ATT has the GoPhone prepaid service...

    aand, thats all i can come up with off the top of my head
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    If I get an H2O/O2 SIM card from Best Buy can I just put the card in before turning it on for the first time? Will the Palm Profile set up correctly?
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    I have an HP Veer on H2O and I once had to doctor it and set up my Palm Profile again. At least on the HP Veer it will fail the first time but then it will ask you to configure the phone. Just tap the configure button and type "att.mvno" in the Internet APN field and click save settings. It will protest that you might have invalid settings but click setup anyway. As long as you have an H2O plan with data (eg. $25, $50, or $60 month plans) it will work just fine.

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