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    I just purchased a Pixi about a week ago. I have a few things that I want to do with it, here they are.

    (PRIMARY) My facebook application won't show me ANY pictures, what should I do?

    (PRIMARY) How can I update my OS? It's running on 1.4.5 I would love to have thee new OS that was on maybe thee Pre3 or even thee Veer.

    (SECONDARY) I think I'm in thee right place but, where can I purchase an extra battery for my pixi?

    Thank you in advance and Happy Holidays!!!
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    Welcome to the nation!

    I had a Sprint Pixi for a few months this summer (between my Pre dying and getting a Pre 3) and was pleasantly surprised by it. I thought of it as "the-little-smartphone-that-could". As for your questions...

    Facebook: You need to turn off https in Facebook to get images. A lot of us have seen this issue. You may not WANT to turn off https, but that IS the way to get images. For example, see:

    OS update: There is no official update for the Pixi beyond 1.4.5. Many of us were disappointed when HP/Palm announced that webOS 2.x would not be coming to "legacy" devices. There IS a thread on here dedicated to installing 2.x on the Pixi though: Good luck.

    Battery: It takes the same battery as the Palm Pre, so you can find it on ( pixi battery) or on eBay. You might also consider a Mugen extended battery ( Mugen Power Extended Battery 1400mAh for Palm Pre / Plus / GSM / Palm Pixi: Cell Phones & Accessories). BTW, DON'T get a Seidio extended battery. They appear to be rip-offs (

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    Thanks a ton!
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    About the battery, you might also want to consider the Touchstone dock. You can get the required back, dock and an extra cable for cheap on Amazon now. I used mine at work the other day and the phone stayed charged the whole day. It's less expensive than an extended battery which only gives you a few more hours. But if you're on the go -- the extra/extended battery would probably benefit you more.

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