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    to transfer files using Bluetooth you need to have java installed on your webOS. Download BTFP(Bluetooth file transfer. jar file) from or copy it to your webOS and install it using should be able to send and receive files. You can even use it to create themes for Nokia and Sony Ericsson mobile phones

    How is it possible to install a .jar file onto a webos phone such as my Pixi Plus? There is no java installer is there? Sorry for my noob inquiry, but I did not think this was possible. If it is possible, any chance you could walk me through the process? Thanks!
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    Java in webOS was never intended to run java apps, and was removed starting with webOS 2.0 when system services were rewritten in JavaScript and C(++?). There is a thread somewhere on installing a jvm on webOS, but I'm not sure which versions.
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