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    I've been doing a lot of reading, and have seen similar issues, but not one exactly the same as mine. Here's my deal:

    I've just ordered an unlocked Pixi Plus. I live in Canada; have a T-Mobile prepaid SIM (no data) that I use when I travel to the U.S. I also have a Rogers data plan.

    I don't want to mess around too much with the Pixi (i.e., bypass activation, etc.).
    Am I correct in the following:

    When I receive the phone, I can put in a SIM with data (my wife's in this case, because mine is a micro SIM), complete the activation, and then put my T-Mobile SIM in, and everything should work fine, with the exception that I will be locked to the Canadian app catalog? Does that sound right? I'm just concerned about the whole Canada/U.S. carrier thing.

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    It should work as long as the internal data settings for Roger's are correct. Otherwise you won't have a data connection which you need to create the Palm Profile (and get the phone to work). I know the settings for Bell (which I'm on, but don't use data) are not correct, so I had to use the Bypass Tool and use wi-fi to create the Palm Profile. There is an option to manually input the data settings, but I know for Bell, they won't work.

    I can't say for certain, but once you've got the phone going, you should be able to swap the SIM. There is a setting for selecting data off in Preferences.

    BTW, my Pixi Plus is an AT&T phone, and I think I see the same App Catalog (via wi-fi) as though I lived in the USA.

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