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    Hey guys, im hoping for a quick response, my girlfriend is going to kill me anyway, I just got a wifi pixi from verizon, and did the wifi swap with a pixi i had gotten from repair that was sittin in a box. I called up sprint to activate and when it powers on it trys to do device activation, but its calling up VERIZON and cannot authenticate. (i dont have verizon!) so looking around, i see a webos download. I put the devoice into usb mode (power plus vol up) and gettin an image from hpwebos site i try flashing the webosdoctor for sprint and it says my device is incompatible with this version of webosdoctor.

    so my question is, how do i force the sprint software onto the device? it really thinks it is a verizon device.
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    So what you're saying is that you took the VZW main board and stuffed them inside your Sprint Pixi?
    IIRC the radio boards are carrier specific, so you'll probably have no luck with what you're trying to do.

    EDIT: Doing some searching I found this response.

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