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    the ringer volume is stuck at 'no volume'.
    a gsm pixi plus with touchstone cover, webos 145, bought a month ago unlocked, has been working great until this week.
    i removed the cover yesterday and the volume buttons worked fine afterwards.
    the issue reappeared later and now removing the cover, rebooting, pulling the battery does not help anymore.
    sound does work, verified using the alarm
    volume rocker does respond to touch, shows 'no volume' icon
    many thanks
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    did not know ringer switch above the volume rocker taggled sound and vibrate modes.
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    How about this problem, my volume rocker is stuck at I can't turn volume down and the the volume level indication graphic bar is always visible along the bottom of the screen, making it impossible to access any controls that might be down there, such as the back arrow on the web browser.

    I'm guessing it is hardware failure, so I guess my Palm Pre+ is going to have to be replaced. I'm thinking Palm Pre2 since I don't want to leave webOS. But if there is a patch that can disable the up rocker, that might help me in the immediate use of my phone.
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