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    Is there any good web browser available for Palm Pixi plus like opera mini or mobile
    and multimedia player to play avi, flv and mkv files
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    Not really and not really. Universe is slow but has some decent features. However, it also uses the stock webOS 1.4.5 webkit rendering engine so it has the same bugs and fail to render issues so its basically useless as the stock browser is.

    For the media player front, there is KalemSoft MediaPlayer which will stream any filetype from a network computer, but on the pixi can not play anything locally that isn't supported by the stock webOS media app.

    So again, not really.

    The Pixi is the ******* stepchild of webOS, despite how much I love mine.
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    is there any chances for future upgrade in web browser
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    Any voice recorder??
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    Only zrecorder in PreWare, webOS 1.x doesn't give developers access to the microphone APIs for whatever idiotic reason.

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