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    So, my Pre's screen stopped responding so I was forced into buying a new phone, iphone4s, now instead of waiting til Sprint gets some new Android devices. I hate it...its limited and takes 4 steps to do one on webOS...
    I was told by Sprint that if I were to make a claim to replace my Pre it would take 5 days...who can go 5 days without their phone? I couldn't so the best phone I thought Sprint had was the I called Sprint back to see if I could return the iphone and make a claim anyway, this time they said it only tales 24 hours for a replacement! Great I think...this will do, but No because since I nolonger have the $8 insurance cuz Apple makes you buy insurance thru them, I nolonger have the insurance which would allow me to file the now what? I'm stuck with a phone I hate for 2 years or forced into choosing one of the Android devices?
    Well, thank god for craigslist cuz I found a Pixi for cheap and as long as I return my iphone tonight I won't have to pay the $36 activation fee and then I'll use the Pixi til the next batch of Androids come out...Sprint lady said in December!

    Welcome me to Pixi!!
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    buy a pre2, get someone to help you sprintify it using your pre minus. Sprint will not charge the 10 a month add-on as they will see you as pre minus still.
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    A quicker solution might be to pick up a replacement Pre- on ebay. They are very affordable.

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    You won't find navigation that much better on Android but at least you'll have the ability to alter it to your needs. I had the same screen issue with my Pre and am now a 4s user. UI navigation sucks in iOS but I'm actually very happy with the phone as I've adjusted to its way of doing things. Nothing beats webOS in that department.
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    Sell the iPhone for good money then have someone make you a FrankenPre 2

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