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    I have a pixi that I haven't had in a few months.
    It will no longer have service so I'm just going to use it as a random device.
    I've had preware and I've had patches.

    I'm looking to do a full erase, possibly get 2.0 on it (currently 1.4.5)
    however, If I do this then I'd have to log on to my palm profile, and I can't do that without service, therefor my phone will be stuck on the activation and useless.

    I've notice people talking about an activation bypass, is that possible with my phone, and if so should I get 2.0 or stay on 1.4.5?
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    Download the bypass-carrier-activation tool from .... stick with 1.4.5
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    2.0 is a mess on Pixi. Even with all of the Govnah settings + swapping partitions it is a disaster. Stick with 1.4.5 like the jcc said.

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