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    Hello precentral forums. I have a Verizon Pixi Plus with installed. For the past couple of days, I have been constantly trying to re-install PreWare but I keep getting the "no device connected error." And yes, I have Developer Mode on. And my USB ports work just fine. And I clicked 'Just Charge.' I am doing everything right, but WebOS QuickInstall isn't seeming to work. Any suggestions?

    For the curious mind, I upgraded my Pixi to 2.1 awhile back, but it was so slow and affected my battery life so much (it would hold charge for 3 hours and then die, with 3G turned off) that I found myself doctoring back to within a week. I can still see how my battery is worse now than it was before I upgraded to 2.1. I'm sure that if I would've stayed on 2.1, then it would have fried my Pixi. Strangely though, when I was on before, I was able to install PreWare just fine. Maybe there is a problem because I upgraded to 2.1 and there are still remaining aspects of that on my Pixi (especially with the battery life)?

    Like I said, I was able to install Preware on several months ago, but I just decided to do it again last week. Also, I have successfully installed Preware on my HP Touchpad.
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    Preware is a package management application for the Palm Pre and the Palm Pixi. Preware allows the user to install any package

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