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    I am a noob to smartphones and specially to webos devices and I have a pixi plus which is great to use but I still have many basic and easy-to-seem questions about it.They are as follows:

    1.How to send sms to multiple people?Edit-(too easy.)

    2.How to remove regional restrictions(for app catalog)?

    3.I have palm pixi at&t unlocked with webos 1.4.5 installed but I can not install patches and apps from preware which are for 1.4.5 version.How to do that?

    4.Any patch to increase media volume and for led flashlight?

    5.Best games and patches for pixi.

    6.Why doesn't games like nfs undercover start,are they really compatible with pixi?

    7.webos 1.4.5 vs 2.1 w.r.t. Gaming and other entertainment perpectives?

    8.Ways to improve cpu performance and battery life.

    9.Are there any camera settings like storage directory,picture improvements etc.(if yes then how to access them) or patch for that? to get the arrow keys while typing I.e. Up,down,left,right?

    11.Anyway transferring files via bluetooth on pixi.

    12.Where to buy games and apps from if they are not listed on app catalog but compatible with pixi?


    I have had a really bad time getting answers(Don't know what wrong I do:-()

    Hope someone helps me out this time !!!
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    1. Not sure about the Pixi, but for the Pre, when you start a text message and start typing the first recipient, names pop up below according to what letters you are typing. When you see the one you are trying to SMS, then you select their name. At this point, their name should be in a box at the top, this is when you can start typing in another name, and continue this process until (up to 10 I believe) all recipients have been added.

    2. You will have to look up the Impostah thread, there are ways to do it, but as I haven't needed to, I don't really know how.

    3. Not all patches are Pixi compatible.

    4. Not sure if it works yet with the pixi, here's the thread. The very last post someone was asking if it worked for the Pixi Plus.

    5. No help, don't have a pixi. If you like poker, Wild'N Video Poker might be worth checking out, it has the game as well as some chat rooms included, powered by Villo.

    6. Don't know.

    7. Don't know.
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