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    I bought a Pixi, and it hasn't gotten here yet but I plan on putting 2.X on my device (Verizon).

    I had a Pre and Pre 2 (still do) but HATE slide form factors and can't stand oreo. Do you guys like your device compared to a Blackberry and do you like your deviced with 2.X on it?

    Hardware opinions? Etc..

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    I like my Pixi way more than Pre. I bought it for fun, but now using it as main phone. Hardware keyboard and universal search compensate well for webOS sluggishness. I will try 2.x when I go back to my GalaxyS as main phone.
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    In love with the form factor, hate the miserably paltry hardware. Have a GSM Pre2 that I love the speed of, but can't stand the form factor.

    I'm stuck :P
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    I love my pixi, not a big fan of my wifes pre because of the keyboard/slider. I do envy the speed of the pre/pre2 but clocked to 806.4 the pixi is quick enough and the form factor/os keeps me from switching. I haven't tried 2.1 yet, I'm gonna wait and pick up another unit first just incase. If you can deal with the small size the hardware won't disappoint. I would recommend a case like an OtterBox if you're hard on phones or tend to drop it alot though. It also helps when the back cover gets deformed and starts falling off at one spot.
    As far as bb goes, unless the new bbx os actually launches and impresses me a lot, I won't get one.
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    Pixi is OK. webOS is pretty amazing, but so slow. Looks are nice, but plastic construction (especially screen) makes it feel pretty cheap. Gotta love the Touchstone - bit annoyed you need a new back for it tho. Everytime I use the keyboard it's amazing. Could be a really good phone. Looking at the Nokia Asha 303 but Symbian stops me from switching.
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    If I had a choice between pre or pixi I'd go with pre all the way.
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    the pixi is awesome! Just a little too slow. If you like the pixi you will be amazed with the veer... Like I am
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    You have to be using a Pixie for the right reasons. It's not a power user phone. If you're going to be doing any significant amount of web browsing, the screen is too small and the phone underpowered. But it is so small, fits easily in a pocket. I don't worry as much when I drop it compared to a Pre because it is so light and the rubber back cover protects the phone better than hard plastic. Its got the power to do browsing in a pinch and handle all your email accounts and run a twitter app. So it's great when I need a "light" smartphone.
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    sold my pixi a few months ago. love the form factor, but the phone is too slow, the keyboard too small, the call quality/reception too poor. wish it was possible to flash the blackberry bold 9930 and put webos on it.
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    I used a Pre+ for a week because my Pixi digitizer was broken,
    I liked the big screen and the speed but i didn't liked the keyboard, the slider and the heavy wight and also, i couldn't control it with one hand like i can with the pixi,
    I had the 2.1 on it and it was gr8, but i'm missing some important patches from the 1.4.5 so i went back.

    i'm happy with it for now and liking it better the IOS or Android.
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    Quote Originally Posted by protofa View Post
    the call quality/reception too poor
    I have great call quality and reception!?
    I agree Pre is faster but webOS is slow in general so Pre's speed boost is questionable anyway.
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    Definitely still like the Pixi. In fact one of my current apps is being developed for the Pixi (and Veer).
    My published and impending WebOS apps -
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    I do, and I'm running 2.1
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    Quote Originally Posted by zefyx View Post
    I do, and I'm running 2.1
    Would you mind telling me what settings you have it running at so I can make sure mine's optimal? ;-) If not a problem of course.
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    Still love my pixi, size, form, keyboard, everything. Still love webOS. Wish the pixi was faster, and wish the app market was bigger. My pixi started to break down, like the rubber casing, so I had to leave the pixi for an android phone. I found a used droid 2, and bought it as an upgrade from my pixi plus, without signing a new contract a few months before any real discounts.

    REALLY miss the free wifi hotspot, with no hacks required.

    There's absolutely NO WAY I would buy a vertical slider. And the pre always felt cheap to me.
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    my wife loves hers.. she has had it since it was released, switched to an iphone 3gs for a week and went back to the pixi.
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    I just bought a Samsung Focus and up till then I had used a pixi. In between, I spent a week on an updated Blackberry Bold 9700.

    Let me say that I MUCH prefer the Pixi to the blackberry. People can say what they like about the keyboard, I am 6'1" with ordinary hands I think and I think the Pixi keyboard is way better than a blackberry keyboard. Plus, the OS on blackberry is a terrible maze of menus and their universal search is aweful compared to just type.

    So what about the Pixi Plus vs the Samsung Focus? The Focus has a big beautiful screen, gorilla glass, and it is fast and smooth. BUT as far as a useful phone/tool, I actually think the Pixi form-factor with WebOS is the best. I just posted a big review in the forums but let me give one example from it:

    If I want to call someone on WP7 I must use the following steps:
    1. Push power button
    2. Swipe up lock screen
    3. Tap on “People”
    a. Swipe to “all” if not already there (it remembers where you were last)
    4. Tap search
    5. Type name “jim”
    6. Click “Jim Jones”
    7. Click appropriate phone number “call mobile”

    Compare webOS:
    1. Push power button
    2. Swipe unlock gesture
    3. Type name “jim”
    a. Click the appropriate “jim” if more than one
    4. Click appropriate phone number

    The difference is part OS, but largely form factor (on iOS it's jsut as difficult to make a call). Having always accessible physical keys with no slider is very helpful in many areas of a phone. PLUS, when you are doing anything on your phone, you actually have the same screen realestate as a slab because you don't lose your screen to the keyboard. (on the other hand the virtual keyboard on WP7 is smart, accurate and awesome...but it's never there when you need it!) If only Blackberry had bought Palm, maybe both companies could have survived...
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    I really like the form factor, keyboard and touchstone. Also the vzw 5gb hotspot. Was going to get a pre 3 when they released, now thinking maybe my pixi plus with a 7" tablet would be a great combo. Even with the soon to be available batch of 4G, dual core, 4.3"+ screens with gingercreamblursensewiz, the pocketability, hardware keyboard (can dial wife without looking-or speaking to my phone) just works for me now.
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    When my Sprint Pre- screen broke this summer, a Pixi was a quick, free way to maintain both Sprint and webOS. It was definitely small for my stubby fingers, but it really grew on me. Kind of like 'the little smartphone that could'.
    I've moved on to an AT&T Pre 3, but I've kept my Pixi -- I'm thinking of using it as a sort of webOS-iPod/travel alarm.
    The ONE drawback with the Pixi "minus" is no WiFi, so I HOPE you meant you were getting a Pixi Plus. But either way, I can say that I really grew to appreciate it. BTW, MUCH better keyboard than the Pre-.

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    yes, and i will probably hold out until i can get an ICS with the same form factor. me and my wife both are on our 2nd pixi. good thing they are cheap. lucky i found one pixi plus on sprint on ebay.
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