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    Hi, I haven't really been here for a while. I had a Pre Plus and then a Pre 2. I'm the type of person who needs diversity so I switched to an HTC Trophy on Verizon. To be honest I like WP7 Mango better than WebOS, but sometimes I just get bored on certain days and like to activate my Pre 2 for kicks.

    I hate my Pre 2's oreo and I hate sliding phones so I took a chance and purchased a slightly used Pixi on Ebay. I love the blackberry form factor and the simplicity of the device, BUT I want 2.X on my device. I would like to kindly ask anyone where a guide to installing 2.X properly is, and the BEST way to optimize 2.X on a Pixi. I know it can be slightly slow thats why I want to use govnah to optimize it. (I know there is no kernels.)

    Thankyou in advance!
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    about five threads below yours is:

    and that should get you started.

    member nuttybunny is the brains of the effort.

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