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    Bought a pixi 2 wks ago. Everything works fine. I downloaded webos 1.45 and loaded it on through my computer. All is working fine.

    I bought a touchstone charger and cover. Nothing happens when placed on the charger. Bought 2 more chargers. None work. The usb cable does charge the phone fine through the a/c palm charger. I just ordered a 2nd cover. That will rule out all of the hardware.

    My question is if the webos controls the touchstone? My upgrade went smoothly and the phone works perfectly. If the new cover does not work, is there a way, through software or reinstall, to activate the touchstone?

    Thanks for the help!
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    Try removing the back, remove and reseat the battery, replace the back making sure that it is latched firmly to the phone and place on the touchstone to see if it charges. When I gave my pre to my daughter, the tech at Sprint did a battery pull along with a wipe prior to porting the contacts from my daughter's old phone. He didn't get the back cover on the phone tight enough and we experienced the same symptoms, however I knew that both touchstones were working prior to taking it into the store. Took these steps and haven't had any further problems.

    As to your question, no. There is no webOS control over the touchstone.
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    you just need to figure out if the issue is inside the phone. Btw, the touchstone only works with the wall charger, not plugged in to a PC.

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