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    I have three bluetooth devices that will not work with my pixi.

    Acura TL
    Oticon streamer (connects to hearing aids)
    Cobra Bt215 (connects to wired house phones)

    I have searched the net for answers but no results.

    I have come to the conclusion that bluetooth connectivity on the Pixi Is very limited.

    Please let me know if there are any patches to fix bluetooth issues.
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    My Pixi connects just fine with my Bluetooth gateway. Mine is a GE model:

    Should have no problem connecting to the Cobra BT215, since it's pretty much the same thing. Should show up as a headset device on your Pixi. Just read the specs on the Oticon and it too should appear as a regular Bluetooth headset. I'd say something is wrong with your particular Pixi, or maybe you're doing something wrong.

    Not sure about the TL. I Googled for info about the Bluetooth profiles on the TL, and what I found was a lot of forum responses from people saying that their Bluetooth in their TL stopped working:

    Acura TL Bluetooth/HandsFree Link Problems - Car Forums - Edmunds
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    Oticon streamer has erratic performance, works sometimes and not other times. Streamer worked with LG Dare. I spent a lot of time searching on the internet and others have had the same issue.

    BT215 pairs OK. An incoming call rings but when you answer no audio. Tested with cordless Panasonic phone and generic wired phone. This issue is with a different Pixi than the issue with the streamer. I was unable to find any information on net of others having problems with the BT215 and a Pixi.

    Acura has pairing issue with Pixi. Problem could be Acura but it worked OK with three other non Palm phones.

    The Pixi with the streamer issues successfully works with a Motorola bluetooth headset (HS850 I believe).

    I open for suggestions to trouble shoot shoot these issues.
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    I have no experience with any of your devices, so I can only offer guesses.

    I do know that with my GE Bluetooth gateway, it seemed that it just did not like some phones. Some it would work fine with, others it would not. With my Motorola Q it would continue to ring the house phone if I answered the call from the cell, for example. That was enough to make me give up on making it work with the Q. This was consistent behavior and it happened only with the Q, so I determined it must have been the Q that was at fault.

    What I surmised was that the Q would try to route a call to a connected BT headset, regardless of how you answered the call. So when I hit the answer key on the Q, it would send the call to what it thought was the BT headset, which was in fact the BT gateway, which caused it to ring and keep on ringing.

    However if the gateway had been an actual BT headset, this would not necessarily be a problem. The Q just assumed that, if you had it paired to a BT headset, you were wearing the headset.

    The problem is that there is no specific BT profile for a BT gateway. The BT gateway makes itself appear as a BT headset, so the phone thinks it is a BT headset and operates it the way it was programmed to operate a headset. Unfortunately, this is not always ideal for the operation of a BT gateway. Perhaps this is the type of issue you are having with the Pixi. Perhaps when you are answering the call with the BT215, it passes it in such a way to the Pixi that the Pixi does not realize it is being told to answer the call from a BT headset and routes the audio to its internal speaker instead.

    Anyway, that's my guess. At the very least, I have found that if a phone does not work properly with a BT gateway, there is no way to fix it. If it doesn't work properly, it's because of the way the devices are programmed to behave.

    Could be a similar issue with the Oticon, and possibly the TL.

    It is conceivable that someone could write a patch to change the Pixi's BT behavior and thus fix the issue, but I have not seen any such patches in Preware.
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