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    my pixi plus touchscreen stopped working, i didn't drop the phone or anything it just happened, first it started to act weird the top area would get tap automatically so i tried to clean it using alcohol but still had the same problem so i formatted it and doctored it but still the same, after sometime the touch stopped working i tried all the options but no luck ?

    is my screen dead ? if so where can i get replacement parts

    the gesture area is not working as well,
    i live in India and there no palm support so i need a online store that ships overseas

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    happened to my wife's as well a couple days after she got it
    took the battery out and put it back in and all was fine again
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    happen to me too, exactly the same way so now i'm waiting for 2 not working well
    pixis that i ordered so i could take the digitizer from them and replace
    with my not working one.
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    happened to my pixi, i was actually playing with some app, then it started slowing down, and then all of a sudden stopped working. no visible cracks like my wife's pixi. not much you can do. i just bought a used one for 30 bucks.
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    so what can i do about it ??
    i tried to take off battery and all the troubleshooting but still no luck
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    I think that the only thing that left to do is to
    replace the digitizer, and apparently buying a bad pixi is cheaper the
    buying a new digitizer.
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    That's it, My pixi is back
    I replaced the digitizer with a one from a used verizon pixi and everything
    is back to how i like it.

    i was nice using a pre+ in the meantime but i missed the pixi.

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