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    Quote Originally Posted by incomx View Post
    I was able to remove Bing Maps and ReInstalled Google Maps. I removed Bing Maps using the application removal on the Device Info app. The I installed the attached .ipk file and it worked.


    Rock !!!
    whats interesting is i installed this on the touchpad, and its still works just fine. (wish i could sign in tho)
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    Quote Originally Posted by SK64 View Post
    In order to get reduced Google Maps functionality back you can patch the App-Assistent.jsjsjs $if$ $you$ $have$ $the$ $com$.$palm$.$app$.$googlemaps$ $IPK$ $installed$:
    Change URL in line 3 to
    The first 5 lines should look like this:
    AppAssistant.url = "";
    AppAssistant.webViewWidget = undefined;
    AppAssistant.googleMapsURL = "";
    //AppAssistant.googleMapsURL = "";
    AppAssistant.urlClientParam = "client=ms-mwm-palm";
    It can be done on the Pre with Internalz. Tested in Germany with Pre2, Pre3.
    Google Maps durch HP Maps deinstalliert - Chance, es wiederzubekommen? - Software - Nexave Palmforum
    Shows mobile maps site with position, panning works, zoom via buttons (no pinch and zoom).
    weird mm works in my browser, but when i change the assistant.jsjsjs $file$ $to$ $mm$, $i$ $get$ $the$ $same$ $Upgrade$ $screen$. $hmmm$
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    So am I the only one who's Map(Old Google Version) app brings up a fully functional version of the mobile website then?
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    If someone wants, I have made own app with full screen webview of mobile version gmaps:
    If you like my applications (SynoMusic, SynoDM, SynoFM) and want to donate for future upgrades and development
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    Can someone please upload here or send me the BFG maps update? I live in Cyprus, and, unfortunately, I cannot have access to the App Catalog. I have a Palm Pre.

    Thank you,
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    thanks a lot. Was really annoyed with Bing!
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    have added mm, rebooted, installed the patch that was created to allow both, but that damn message about tapping to update keeps poping up. I'm contemplating doctoring the phone and re-patching, but something tells me that it wont work.

    any other suggestions?

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    Hey everyone who's reading this thread, back up four posts and install Panel's app. He's cleaned up the shell used by the first google maps app, made it fullscreen and did away with the annoying (non-accurate and non-disappearing) no internet connection message.

    Has anyone who's done this hack or used Panel's gMaps app noticed that it plays nice with Google images?
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    Gaaaa! I spent over 45 minutes last night to go 2 miles in Dallas 'cos the utterly worthless Bing maps doesn't show usable traffic details until you zoom WAAYYY in. I never had that problem with Google maps, Google clued me in when I was still miles away from a road congestion. Thanks for nothing, HP! (insert crass comment about brain-damaged idiots here)

    I've been off the grid down in Mexico when the change came, just found out about it last night. Sigh.

    <busily reading the threads so I can castrate Bing and put Google back in it's rightful place...>
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    you have the answer...
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    Hi everybody
    Now my google map doesn't work, only white screen.
    Before i install HPmap but i dont like that map before in my country the data not good.
    So please help me to return google map ( i don't know how) .
    Thank you and best regards.
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