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    I just bought a Palm Pixi Plus and I'm trying to create a playlist. I thought I could just hook up the phone via USB to my computer and drag and drop the music in. I created a new folder under the Pixi's Music folder titled 'Playlists' and added a subset of my mp3 songs in there, but that didn't work. I tried to create a playlist in a M3U format using WMP 11 with the same subset of songs and saved it in the 'Playlists' folder, but that didn't work either. I also tried syncing the Pixi using WMP 11, but still no luck.

    All these attempts still show the 'playlist' category in the music library as 'no items available', even though the songs are in the other categories (genre, artist, song, etc.) I'm just trying to get a subset of those songs into the 'playlist' section.

    So, Mediamonkey is my only option left? I thought I could do this with WMP 11?
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    I would just download music player remix from preware. It still might not be compatible with wmp11 but it's a much better player and playlist creation and editing is much easier.
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    That would involve doctoring my phone, which I might consider doing as a last resort. But, I just want to know if I can copy playlists into my phone using my existing software (WMP 11), that would be an simpler solution.
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    Just use mp3tag editor. It is free and it is perfect.
    Sorry, can't post links. Just google it for mp3tag editor.

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