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    Hello dear forum users,
    I have an unusual help to ask.

    I want to buy a 3 touchstones from Verizon, but i'm from Israel,
    will some agree to help me it (buying and shipping to an USA address)
    and i of curse will cover all the costs?

    Buying it on eBay is very expansive (almost 10$ on eBay, on verizon site it's 5$)

    I apologize if that isn't the place.

    10x, Yaron from Israel.
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    I have done this before for people and would be happy to for you, but know that it is quite expensive to ship to Israel. It would cost me only $14.91 to buy the 3 Touchstones from Verizon, but to ship them to Israel using the cheapest rate I could find would cost $42.46, for a total of $57.37. I would put this up on eBay (in order to protect us both), and would list it with a Buy-It-Now price of $60, to cover the listing and PayPal fees.

    Sorry if $60 is not a good deal for you, but that's the best I can manage. I would not be making any profit at that price.
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    I looked at that, but I don't think I could fit three Touchstones in one envelope. USPS wouldn't like it, and there's a good chance they would get damaged that way. I could put them in a flat-rate medium box, but that would still be $43.23.

    BTW flat-rate envelopes to Israel are $27.55, unless I'm looking at something wrong.
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    thank you for looking in to that,
    I have an Address in the USA i don't need it shipped to Israel only to New Jersy...
    I just need that someone will buy it from Verizon Site and
    ship it to My address in New Jersy.

    I need it to be payed because they don't Take PayPal.
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    In that case, no problem. Sending you a PM.
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