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    Got something of a unique problem. My wife's pixi's digitizer stopped working, so we got her a new one a couple weeks ago. Tonight I plugged her old one in to the computer to charge so I could get data off the usb drive. When I came back to it it had some message about not being logged into the palm profile and i had to choose erase all data or cancel. Well of course I couldn't select anything, so I just pulled the battery to reboot, and tried to get it into usb mode.

    I could get it into usb mode by holding vol up on restart, but can't see the drive in 'my computer'. When i let it restart normally, it just asked for the sim. After inserting the sim and rebooting, it tells me that I'm "no longer signed in to palm profile, if I want to use the phone again, can leave files on usb drive intact. if I'm done with the phone I can erase all data..." with options to restart or to erase. but of course i can't select anything...

    so now I'm stuck. opt-sym-u doesn't do anything; opt-sym-r will reboot but then I'm in the same place.

    Help! I think the data is still there, but I can't get it because i can't click "just restart"!!!! grrr.

    oh and hpalm customer support chat was pretty much zero help.
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    I don't know if there's an easier way, but... You could always take the drive out of the broken Pixi and put it into the new one. The flash memory is on the same board as the WiFi radio.
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