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    For whatever reason, my Clock app will not launch at all. Even a device reset has not fixed it thus far.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $I$'$ve$ $no$ $patches$ $installed$ $that$ $relate$ $to$ $the$ $clock$ $so$ $nothing$ $should$ $have$ $interrupted$ $it$.
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    I'm going to assume that from the resounding silence that this issue is either something no one has run across, or the standard answer of "re-doctor" is what I'm meant to do.
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    Fixed it by installing the Veer webos clock IPK created from extracting files from the webOS doctor.

    I now have 3 themes by default, and ascending ring. Awesome stuff.
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    hey saijin please could you elaborate on what you did to get ascending ring option on pixi plus and do you have any other ideas for the phone?
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    Hey Natty. Short story of it was I extracted the com.palm.alarm app or whatever from the HP Veer webOS 2.x doctor version. I then installed it on my Pixi+ and it worked! However, upon reboot/luna restart it WILL be replaced by the original webOS 1.4.5 clock.

    I'll be trying to figure out a way around this shortly.
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    ok looking forward to your progress.
    thank you
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    Hey Natty! It doesn't appear to function as an alarm properly, so I think for the most part it is NOT useful.

    However, I'll check to see if the 1.4.5 alarm can be patched to make use of ascending ring as well.

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