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    So excited to get my little gadget pixi plus yesterday. Spent 5-6 hours, following the instructions from Page Plus Dealer ($2 credit) and successfully loaded with WebOS doctor , Preware, and then quite a few App's for true. Pretty exciting.

    As the last step, switched back "Developer Mode" from "On" to "Off", and restarted, unfortunately, it brought me back to the page of "Palm Profile" page, entered the Palm profile used and signed in. Failed because of no activity. I believe there is "data leak" somewhere which used up the $2 credit. Check everything else it is just fine with the account.

    Can I get it back somehow to use only Wifi to play without loading a $10 standard PIN?

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    use the palm bypass utility from
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    Thanks. Do you mind post a link. I searhed the key word above, did not find direct thread about that.
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    c&p from the web

    UPDATE: THE HOLY GRAIL FOUND -- 'Mark' commented on Chuck Homic's post on Jun 16, 2011 - how to keep voice calls coming in while shutting off cellular data usage but still allowing for WiFi data flow:
    Mark says -
    "Mobile hotspot is *not* the only way to consume data. The phone will try to use data silently in the background for you. But you can make it so that it won't do it via carrier data. Open up the phone app (the green phone handset icon), swipe down on the upper left hand menu and select "Preferences and Accounts". A new card will come up. Scroll to the bottom and you should see something labled "Data Usage". Set that to "OFF". This will also extend your battery life on the phone by quite a bit."

    "If you really want to use the background data features of the phone - called "Synergy" - enable wifi and connect to your home wifi network."
    Thanks, Mark
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    Thanks for both replies. Just bring my little guy back with bypass utility. Now, another problem with Preware:

    Got preware1.5 installed(standalone approach), then Preware1.83(.ipk file) through WebOS4.3.1 QuickInstall. For both cases, when hit Preware1.xx on palm, it gave error of "This is not a valid webOS application"

    What is the problem, webOS match error? Any idea?


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