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    Hello all!

    I've just bought AT&T Palm Pixi plus with webOS 1.4.5. I've installed Preware and Openssh+Terminal packages. But if I type 'ssh' in the terminal I get 'ssh not found' message.

    I've noticed error messages when install Openssh:

    ln: /media/cryptofs/apps//opt/bin/scp: Operation not permitted
    ln: /media/cryptofs/apps//opt/bin/ssh: Operation not permitted'

    I've checked twice: the phone is in the Developer mode. I has restarted it but still no lack.
    BTW another terminal app — SDLTerminal also could not be installed…

    Anybody help?
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    It looks like Openssh installer somehow was unable to create links: there are openssh-ssh and openssh-scp files in the /opt/bin folder but no ssh and scp ones. So I've just created links by myself:

    ln /opt/bin/openssh-ssh /opt/bin/ssh
    ln /opt/bin/openssh-scp /opt/bin/scp

    Now I can type ssh user@host in the Terminal app…
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    I recently had a similar problem. The ssh link was still there but my scp link was missing.

    I thought maybe some of the optware stuff might have gotten corrupted. Uninstalled optware, the bootstrap package, etc, and reinstalled everything. Seemed to fix it.
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