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    Is there a way to monitor how many minutes have been used overall instead of just per phone call? I'm on PagePlus and have limited minutes and would love a way to track how many i go through in a month on my phone
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    I think this is what you are looking for:

    The app is no longer maintained but works well under 1.4.5.
    Be sure to read carefully the installation instructions
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    That is exactly what I am looking for! Will try it out and let you know
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    Darn, I wasn't able to install
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    you can text 'bal' to 7243 and PP will give you the balance. no fee
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    Quote Originally Posted by krazgjcc View Post
    Darn, I wasn't able to install
    Did you enabled Developer-Mode?


    1) Download, the archive contains both, the service and the app. Unzip it.
    2) Install both of the files with WebOS-QI - minstatservice at first (Java will restart), minstat as second
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    I did have dev mode woulit said the service package was corrupt. Any help much appreciated!
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    I just checked the md5sum of the package with the one i saved when i installed it. They are the same, so it's no problem with the package itself.

    Do you have any phone-app related patches installed?
    Does the failure appear on a fresh doctored device?
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    Phone related patches:

    call duration in call log,
    enabled dialpad vibration with audio

    those are the only 2 and i've never doctored the device...
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    Try to remove those two patches and install minstat afterwards like described. Perhaps you can reinstall the patches afterwards again...
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    Removed them and still not able to install service portion. I have the icon on my phone afterward but it says "service error (not installed?)"
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    A reboot doesn't help? Then my last advice would be to doctor the phone... but i'm not sure if this will solve your problem - perhaps it works only with world-ready GSM phones...
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    I've never "doctored" my phone and really don't understand what it means....sorry i'm such a newbie at all this I do appreciate you taking the time to problem solve this with me, but I think you are right, may not work on my phone
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    Doctoring your phone means to put your phone back to factory defaults... This wipes every changes you made (patches, apps...) and also all personal data (Call-Log, SMS, ...).
    You need to download a program for your PC/Mac and plug your phone via USB.
    The process is pretty easy (you find a link to the correct version of program in your palm-profile online). I never heard of anyone who had problems after doctoring his phone.

    But as said, you will loose all data, that are currently on your phone - so you have to decide if it's worth - because i can't promise it'll work afterwards, and the minutes-counter was not always 100% reliable... so my answer would be "no"
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    Agreed! I do appreciate you taking the time to be sure I understood, thank you!

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