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    For the past couple of months here, I have had my battery cover start to peel and crack on me. After Googling for a bit, I learned that this is a warranty item and could be replaced.

    The Problem Starts:

    I went online to their chat support system and went through the motions of telling them what was wrong with the cover and was assured a replacement would be sent out. A couple of days later, I get an E-Mail from them saying they can't ship to my PO BOX.

    No Problem! I went back into their chat referencing the chat session ID number they thoughtfully provided in their 'we have a problem' email. After confirming with them that I would get a replacement cover in 3-5 business days and an email with the tracking number inside within a day or two, I left the chat thinking everything was just fine. WRONG!

    Since several 3-5 business days had passed and the cover was now shedding the letters from the PALM logo on the back and literally has started to crack and impeded the function of the power button, I went into their chat this morning with the chat ID from the original one. This is where the hassle began.

    I spoke with an agent who settled my order somewhat but only after being asked 2 times for my shipping address and then telling me they had to retrieve my information first before they could proceed TWICE! Toward the end, I was assured that I would get an order number from them via email within an hour. (We will see on that one). Based on the agent's performance in the chat, I am less inclined to believe this will be done so I called their toll free number he had given to me to check on order status.

    After confusing the poor phone operator and dragging her into this issue, we decided that indeed, I was in the wrong department and would need to call a different number. She blind transferred me (transferred the call w/o making an announcement to the other operator) to the number. After the call picked up, I was given a "The number you have called has changed...) and provided two numbers. I called the 2nd number as it is for tech support (Who she thought I would need to talk to) and eventually got through to an agent who just now processed my replacement order and has even given me the order number both via phone and email.

    My advice for those who need a replacement cover, is to go straight to the phone, it will save you lots of time and a lot of frustration.

    I called 1-877-426-3777 and had the best luck there.
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    So, the saga still isn't over yet! Even though I talked to a live person who did their job just fine, it appears that their shipping department is in error this time and I have had nothing but major issues trying to resolve the problem with them.

    The other night, I got a tracking number for my replacement battery cover. This was about 3 days after I had spoken with the person so, things looked to be on track sort of...

    I tracked the package through UPS' web site given to me via the email and it showed as being shipped to Minnesota via Next Day Air. There was one problem though - I live in Oregon and it is supposed to go to Oregon.
    After I discovered all of this on Sunday night, I had to contact them again to get the correct tracking number, as hopefully there was the issue of some poor shipping clerk sending me the wrong tracking number in the email. (Probably overworked with filling the demand for the tablet shortage.).

    As I had learned of the tracking number delivery address error late at night, and it was Labor Day, I couldn't just call them and get a live person there. So, I went into the route of the Chat. I knew better, but I figured I would try again. So, I talked with Ronald there at 1:30am my time trying to get the correct tracking number. I verified the information, with him and confirmed that my address was correct in their shipping order, yet I was given the wrong number. Being as late as it was, I wasn't able to obtain a tracking number from his department. I was told this only after 1 hour of his checking things out via chat and disappearing for 5 minutes or so at a time. His solution was to have someone from his support team call me later that day. (Labor Day - I guess the work then too!). I was cool with that, so I retired for the evening and waited for the call all day yesterday with the tracking number. NO CALL RECEIVED.

    As the day wound down, I went into their chat when I had a chance since it was too late to call. This time, I immediately escalated to a supervisor, Craig who would not give me much more information, other than verifying that yes, the order was placed to Oregon and not Minnesota, but no correct tracking number could be found or verified. I questioned why I wasn't called back, and couldn't get an answer other than it was routed through a different department who handles escalations and I could expect to hear back within 48 hours and was told for immediate response, call their support number.

    I called their support number today and after asking to speak with a supervisor, (Never was patched through BTW), spoke with someone who is making some sort of attempt to locate the battery cover. She verified that yes, it is the correct tracking number tied to my order and that it was going to Oregon. I challenged that with the status from UPS saying it was shipping to Minnesota and instructed her to check UPS' site. After a few minutes on hold, she said that she would have to put me on hold longer. I objected to that and demanded a supervisor, was placed on hold again, and then promised a call back within 3-5 minutes. A few minutes later, she called me again to state that they were going to generate a new replacement order and would call me back with the new tracking number today.

    I got the call back from the operator who processed the replacement order. She could not provide me a tracking number as it was a new order, Contrary to what she had promised me - a tracking number. She proceeded to tell me that the order was going to ship within 3-5 business days and could not be expedited. I then insisted on a supervisor who after about a 10 minute hold time came on the phone. His name was Joseph.

    After working with Joseph on this issue, I was told again that they could not expedite this order as they don't have a contract with UPS or FedEx to overnight orders.

    Take a look at this tracking number via UPS:


    Notice it shipped via Overnight delivery to Minnesota. Hmmm...something isn't right here....He told me that the only department that could do this would be corporate customer service at:

    407-531-4496 OPTION 2

    I called that number and talked with Bob who fed me the same story about not having a contract with UPS to overnight. I cornered him with the UPS tracking number and told him to explain why that order was shipped overnight and he was at a loss for any reasoning. I got some sort of answer which suggested that at the shipping department's level, they can overnight.

    He made a promise to have this item expedited and said that they will leave notes on their system to have it expedited and would "try" to have it shipped overnight but NO guarantees would be made.

    I ended the call with him making a promise to watch the order and make sure that it is rush processed and will follow up with me on this.

    Having worked in corporate customer service myself and even as a shipping clerk, I know how things work with both ends of those worlds. I admit that while each company is different, the same principals apply. I know that Bob is no more than a Customer Service Operator reassigned to their corporate end probably due to his skills in working with 'difficult customers or situations'. It makes me wonder though just how bad HP really is internally.

    I will keep you all updated on the final outcome. If things work as they should, I will be posting back tomorrow reporting that the cover FINALLY has arrived.
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    I have sprint pixi that was having the same issue. Went to my local sprint store yesterday and they gave me a new one on the spot, didn't even pull up my account information. I asked if I owed anything or if it was covered by the protection plan an they said it was harvested off another device and they had plenty of extras. It's used but in like new shape and looks and feels way better than my year and a half old one.
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    All that time and frustration just to get a free battery cover? I would have just bought one off eBay and been done with it. My time is worth the $9 it would have cost me.
    Touchscreens are a fad.

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