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    Has anyone ever used a "rubberized" case over a touchstone back and was still able to charge?
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    The phones are very sensitive to distance from the Touchstone. I can charge my Pixi with 1 business card between the phone and the Touchstone, but not 2 business cards. So I think a rubber case would be too thick.

    IMO the battery cover for the Pixi is the case for the phone and putting another on it adds unnecessary bulk. Try going naked!
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    this is going to sound crazy, but i have the case because the phone is so thin i'm worried it will snap in two in my pocket LOL
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    Funny, I just logged on to post a quick review about the Otterbox Impact case and saw this thread. I started with a cheap e-bay hard plastic case for my Pixi-plus which I liked but the snaps failed because I kept removing it to charge on the touchstone. I then picked up an Otterbox on e-bay for around $11.00 shipped. I've had the Otter for about a month and I can tell you that it is awesome!! The fit is nice and tight but it is also extemely easy to remove for charging on the Touchstone. It is very durable and I don't think it will ever be damaged even though I'm constantly taking it on and off. I also find it very uncomfortable to hold the Pixi without the bulk that a cover adds. I have a Touchstone at home and one mounted in my truck. Like others have said, the Pixi will not charge on a Touchstone with a case attached unless you cut a nice big circle in the back of it. I highly recommend the Otterbox Impact case to anyone using a Palm Pixi!!!!
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    I will check it out, thanks!

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